South Park Creators Sued for Copyright Infringement

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<i>South Park</i> Creators Sued for Copyright Infringement

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are no strangers to controversy. Their hit show South Park has received outcry from the public in the past for everything from Scientology to foul language. The most recent outrage over the animated series comes in the form of a lawsuit.

The duo is being sued for copyright infringement by Exavier Wardlaw, creator of The Lollipop Forest. Wardlaw claims that South Park used the likeness of his character Big Bad Lollipop for the Lollipop King, featured in the 2007 trilogy “Imaginationland.”

According to TheWrap, he is also offended by the content of the episodes. A complaint filed by Wardlaw said “The South Park television broadcast diminished/tarnished the value of ‘The Lollipop Forest’ as a wholesome family show by association within the context of unwholesome language and sexual innuendo.”

Wardlaw is requesting that all references to The Lollipop Forest and his characters are taken out of South Park.