The Roots Perform a Doo-Wop Song For Alec Baldwin

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The Roots Perform a Doo-Wop Song For Alec Baldwin

Last night, Jimmy Fallon went up to a “random” audience member who was so excited for the season premiere of 30 Rock he wanted all the audience to know its premiere time (including central time) and what channel it would appear on.

That “unsuspecting” audience member was a man named Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin posed as an audience member participating in Fallon’s “Freestylin’ with the Roots” segment, where he promoted the premiere of his show. Keeping up with the charade, Fallon mispronounced Baldwin’s name calling him Alex, forcing Baldwin to correct him. The two did have one thing in common, they both got a gig working at “that bank” on occasion.

Fallon asked the Roots to play a song in a doo-wop style. The Roots obliged, creating a catchy little jingle about Baldwin and the rest of the characters on 30 Rock.

Be sure to check out The Roots’ performance below and tune into NBC on Thursday to catch the premiere of the final season of 30 Rock.