Replacements Reunite to Record Covers EP

Color Me Obsessed Documentary due out Nov. 20

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Replacements Reunite to Record Covers EP

Rolling Stone has reported that Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson of The Replacements got together last September to record an EP of covers, which will be released later this year as a limited edition 10” vinyl.

It marks the first time the band has recorded together since 2006. Drummer Chris Mars reportedly wanted no part of a reunion, so Peter Anderson replaced him as they recorded four songs: Dunlap’s “Busted Up,” “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from the Broadway musical Gypsy, “I’m Not Sayin’” by Gordon Lightfoot and Hank Williams’ “Lost Highway.”

“We still rock like murder,” Westerberg told Rolling Stone.

Only 250 copies of the EP will be releaed, all of which will be sold at auction online. Proceeds will go to former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke earlier this year.

The Replacements are also the subjects of an upcoming documentary from Gorman Bechard called Color Me Obsessed.

In a clip from the documentary, actor/director Jeff Corbett discusses seeing the iconic Replacements at the Grotto in New Haven. They had a reputation for being rowdy and drunk on stage, but what Corbett saw was a bit more then that. He recalls thinking about how sad it was that a band with so much potential would be so self-destructive.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Bechard talked about how he wanted to paint the band.

“I decided to present the band in a more iconic way,” said Bechard. “I thought, people believe in God without seeing or hearing him but rather through the passion, faith and stories of others. After watching Color Me Obsessed, I’m pretty sure music fans will believe in the Replacements in much the same way.”

Color Me Obsessed doesn’t come out until Nov. 20, but this sneak peek is a great glimpse as to what fans can expect.