Newscasters Rock Out to Ty Segall Morning Performance

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Newscasters Rock Out to Ty Segall Morning Performance

When a morning news show has a musical guest, it’s more likely to be an American Idol runner-up than someone who might actually be able to wake you up. This was not the case yesterday on WGN Morning News in Chicago, when San Francisco psych rocker Ty Segall stopped by to perform the raucous track “You’re the Doctor,” from his soon-to-be-released album Twins.

After finishing the song, Segall repeatedly yells “Chicago!” into the mic at the top of his lungs. The camera cuts away to the three newscasters, but instead of staring dumbfounded as you might expect, they are right there with Segall, throwing papers, head-banging and yelling themselves.

Take a look at the performance and the newscasters’ reaction below, via WGN. Twins is due out Oct. 9 on Drag City.