Before Record Deal, Alabama Shakes Declined Reality Show Appearance

Brittany Howard: "It's kind of a f**ked-up show."

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Alabama Shake’s Brittany Howard recently sat down with the Independent and revealed that the Alabama Shakes were once asked to appear on a reality TV show, but ultimately declined the offer.

Before they were signed to their label, the members of Alabama Shakes were just four people working regular day jobs in Alabama. Using the internet to jump start their music career, the band posed videos online, which apparently got the attention of a talent scout for the popular reality TV show The X-Factor.

“They heard of us through the internet and started sending me emails which kept going into my spam folder,” Howard told the Independent.

With no response from Howard or the rest of the band, the talent scout took to the phone to get a direct answer from Howard, which was probably not the answer she was expecting. Howard promptly declined the offer to appear on the popular series.

“One day [the talent searcher] called me to ask and I told her, ‘No, I’m not going to do that.’ She was like, ‘Are you sure about that?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m sure. I have something going on now that I believe in and want to stick to.’ She was shocked.”

While many would have jumped at the opportunity to be featured on the show, Howard felt that there was a better and more fair way to have their music heard.

“It’s not fair. You go out there, people gawk at you, they love you or hate you and it doesn’t mean anything to them but it means the world to you. So it’s kind of a fucked-up show. I would never do it.”

Howard’s instincts to decline the offer from the scout worked out well for the band. Alabama Shakes had an explosive year, after getting signed to ATO Records the band released their debut album Boys & Girls.

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