Carrie Fisher Wants to be in Star Wars: Episode VII

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Carrie Fisher Wants to be in <i>Star Wars: Episode VII</i>

TMZ has officially captured original Star Wars actor Carrie Fisher officially declaring her intention to join the cast of the upcoming Star Wars sequel if given the chance.

Caught at LAX, a reporter asked Fisher if she would accept a role in Star Wars: Episode VII to which she responded, “Yes. Sure. Wouldn’t you?” Fisher portrayed Princess Leia in the original Star Wars films.

While Fisher is on record claiming interest in the new film, there is an undeniable sense of annoyance and possible sarcasm present as well. Episode VII is currently in development at Disney in light of the company’s move to buy Lucasfilm last week. Yesterday, EW broke the news that Harrison Ford is ‘open’ to reprising his role from the original Star Wars as well.