Interpol Releases First Performance Clip from Turn on the Bright Lights Anniversary Collection

Band performs "Obstacle 1" at first L.A. show

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Interpol is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album, Turn On The Bright Lights, by releasing a special CD and DVD set.

For the past year, Interpol searched through their archives in hopes of finding forgotten material to add release to fans. As a result of all their hard work, they will now release a double CD or LP and DVD set called Turn On The Bright Lights: Tenth Anniversary Edition. The set includes a remastered version of the original album as well as a disc that has exclusive bonus material including previously unreleased songs. The DVD has concert footage from their 2000 Mercury Lounge New York show and also from their first Los Angeles show in 2002 at the Troubadour. The DVD also features three music videos: “PDA,” “NYC” and “Obstacle 1.” To ensure that fans got the full experience, the band included a 48-page hard cover book of unpublished photos and their liner notes.

Turn On The Bright Lights: Tenth Anniversary Edition is set for a Dec. 4 release date, but you can pre-order it here. Be sure to check out the tracklist for both the remastered album and the bonus material below. Below you can watch a video of Interpol performing “Obstacle 1” from their Troubadour performance in 2002.

Turn On The Bright Lights: Remastered Edition
1. Untitled
2. Obstacle 1
3. NYC
4. PDA
5. Say Hello To The Angels
6. Hands Away
7. Obstacle 2
8. Stella Was A Driver And She Was Always Down
9. Roland
10. The New
11. Leif Erikson

1. Interlude (iTunes single) §
2. Specialist (Interpol  EP)
3. PDA (First Demo, 1998)
4.Roland (First Demo, 1998)
5. Get The Girls (Song 5) (First Demo, 1998)
6. Precipitate (2nd Demo, 1999)

7. Song Seven (Original Version)(2nd Demo, 1999)
8.A Time To Be So Small (Orig Version) (2nd Demo,1999)
9.Untitled (Third Demo, 2001) * =
10. Stella (Third Demo, 2001) * =
11. NYC (Third Demo, 2001) =
12. Leif Erikson (Third Demo, 2001) * =
13. Gavilan (Cubed) (Third Demo, 2001) †
14. Obstacle 2 (Peel Session, 2001) =
15. Hands Away (Peel Session, 2001) =
16. The New (Peel Session, 2001) * =
17. NYC (Peel Session, 2001) * =
§ unreleased on vinyl
unreleased song
* unreleased recording
= only included on bonus coupon in vinyl package

“Obstacle 1”
Mercury Lounge, NYC concert footage, May 2000 (Sam’s first show with the band)
The Troubadour, Los Angeles concert footage, September 2002

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