Jermaine Jackson Petitions to Change Last Name to "Jacksun"

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Jermaine Jackson Petitions to Change Last Name to "Jacksun"

Who doesn’t want a nice, bright and sunny name? The Associated Press reported that Jackson has filed a petition with the court to change his famous last name to something a bit on the brighter side.

Jackson filed the petition at a Los Angeles court on Tuesday requesting to change the spelling of his famous last name to “Jacksun.” The famous singer cited “artistic reasons” for this impromptu change.

Jackson didn’t elaborate on the “artistic reasons” behind the change in the petition, but his friend Steve Dennis did. Dennis spoke on behalf of the singer saying that it’s common for musicians to change their names and really the change does not truly affect how the singers name is said.

“Phonetically, it changes nothing,” Dennis said. “It is something he has chosen to do and it’s fair to say that you cannot blame this one on the boogie, you’ve got to blame it on the sunshine.”

The hearing on whether Jackson will be altered to “Jacksun” isn’t until Feb 25. For now, Jermaine, you’re stuck with one of the most famous and influential last names in music history. Bummer!