Tarantino Speaks More on Retiring at Roundtable Discussion

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Tarantino Speaks More on Retiring at Roundtable Discussion

The Hollywood Reporter recently gathered a handful of Hollywood royalty for an exclusive roundtable discussion in anticipation of the upcoming award season. Directors Gus Van Sant, Ben Affleck, Tom Hooper, David O. Russell, Ang Lee and Quentin Tarantino all sat down to discuss their experiences in filmmaking and the business itself.

No stranger to self-promotion, Tarantino unapologetically dominated much of the conversation. After stirring headlines following the declaration of his intention to retire from filmmaking after producing ten films, the veteran director spoke openly about the influences supporting his idea of leaving the business behind.

Tarantino dismisses the rise of digital projection, claiming it is “not what [he] signed up for.” He also speaks of his unique style of writing screenplays and how the film business does not adhere to his desires.

Watch the clip of Tarantino discussing his eventual retirement below.