The Rolling Stones Release Video for "Doom and Gloom"

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The Rolling Stones Release Video for "Doom and Gloom"

It’s safe to say The Rolling Stones are busy. The band is in rehearsals for their upcoming 50th anniversary shows and they’ve just released a massive greatest hits collection called GRRR!.

Mick Jagger  and company somehow found time to shoot the video for their new track, “Doom and Gloom,” and even managed to enlist some famous help, the star of the original Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films and more recently Prometheus, Noomi Rapace.

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, “Doom and Gloom” shows Rapace fighting zombies, taking a baseball bat to a TV, hitchhiking topless (making it a little NSFW) and even joining the band.

Check out the video here. Warning: it contains nudity.