The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury Preview (Chapter 8)

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Philip glances at his guards, and the other men grin, and Philip bursts out laughing. He wipes his mirthless eyes and shakes his head. “I’m more like – what’s the phrase? – ‘pro tem’? President pro tem?”

“I’m sorry?”

Philip waves off the question. “Put it this way, not long ago this place was under the thumb of some power hungry assholes, got too big for their britches. I saw the need for leadership and I volunteered.”


Philip’s smile fades. “I stepped up, Friend. Times like these. Strong leadership is a necessity. We got families here. Women and children. Old people. You got to have somebody watching the door, somebody… decisive. You understand what I’m saying?”

Josh nods. “Sure.”

Behind Philip, Gabe, still smirking, mumbles, “President Pro Tem… I like that.”

From across the room, Scott, perched on a windowsill, chimes in: “Dude, you sure look like a president… with those two secret service dudes.”

An awkward moment of silence presses down on the group as Scott’s breathy little weed-giggle fades and Philip turns to glance at the stoner across the room. “What’s your name again, Sport?”

“Scott Moon.”

“Well, Scoot Moon, I don’t know about President. Never saw myself as the Chief Executive type.” Another cold smile. “I’d be Governor at best.”