Two Guitars Stolen from Samantha Crain’s Oklahoma Home

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Two Guitars Stolen from Samantha Crain’s Oklahoma Home

On Nov. 16, two guitars were stolen from Samantha Crain’s Shawnee, Okla., home. The songwriter, who is best known for albums like You (Understood) and A Simple Jungle— lost her main guitars: a Martin 00-15 acoustic guitar and a Fender Jag-Stang electric.

“I bought the Martin in 2008 and it has been the guitar I wrote all of my full-length albums on,” Crain told Paste. “It’s my workhorse guitar. I tour with it, I write with it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the luxury of being a collector of guitars, so those two were pretty much it. The Martin is obviously the thing that is an extension of me. It was the thing that I used most often to write. The Jag-Stang I bought after You (Understood) came out. I was using a lot of electric guitars in the studio when I was recording that album, and I was looking for a guitar that could translate that live. I found it in a pawn shop in Wisconsin, and I’ve been using it ever since.”

Attached below are two images of the guitars, along with details on the instruments’ specifications. Anyone with information on the location of the guitars can contact Crain directly through her Facebook page here. You can also donate to Crain here to put money toward a new guitar.

Samantha with Martin guitar.jpeg
Martin 00-15 Acoustic Guitar
Rare Earth pickups
Grey Fiberglass Case
Serial No.: 1360720

Samantha with guitar-2.jpeg

Red Fender Jag-Stang Electric Guitar
Leopard-print duct tape marks
Silver Flight Case