Ben Gibbard Releases Hilarious "Teardrop Windows" Video

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Ben Gibbard Releases Hilarious "Teardrop Windows" Video

In September, Tom Scharpling wrote and directed a video for Aimee Mann’s song “Labrador.” The video, featuring cameos from Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and drummer Jon Wurster, drove the Internet wild. It was inventive, hilarious and broke the mold of what we’ve come to expect from contemporary music videos.

Now, Scharpling has teamed up with Ben Gibbard to film a video for his solo debut’s first single, “Teardrop Windows.” Like the Aimee Mann video and much of Scharpling’s other work, the “Teardrop Windows” video unfolds like a mini-movie, tracing Gibbard as he follows a series of prescribed steps to become a “bad boy” and, as a result, sell more records. Gibbard gets arrested, gets a tattoo and wreaks havoc on the set of a reality show, but can’t seem to shake being perceived as a “normal guy.”

Check it out below.