Watchmen, V for Vendetta Creator Releases Song for Occupy Wall Street

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Alan Moore, the man responsible for such graphic novels as Watchmen and V for Vendetta has written and recorded a song in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The song, titled “The Decline of English Murder,” is about the greed and incompetence of business and is available to download now via Occupy Records. If you purchase the song at the site you have a chance to win a V for Vendetta mask signed by Moore.

The song’s release coincides with today’s event called Operation Vendetta from the hacktivist group Anonymous where protestors plan to peacefully reenact the final scene of V for Vendetta.

“While tomorrow Americans decide if a candidate who ran on ‘change’ four years ago keeps his job, we know that change never comes from leaders but always from the people,” Adam Jung, Occupation Records’ head of artist relations, said. “Alan’s character ‘V’ understood that perhaps better than most and why we are honored to be able to release it … As Anons prepare to march on Parliament in London, and Occupy Wall Street coordinates post-Sandy relief efforts in New York, Alan’s song is an appropriate gift to the people.”

The song can be purchased here.

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