Weinstein Co. Negotiating Bill Murray Film, St. Vincent De Van Nuys

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Weinstein Co. Negotiating Bill Murray Film, <i>St. Vincent De Van Nuys</i>

According to Deadline, the Weinstein Company is entering final negotiations to both finance and distribute the yet-to-be-produced St. Vincent De Van Nuys, starring Bill Murray. This low budget film had been courted by numerous studios, primarily following Murray’s decision to play the title character.

Ted Melfi wrote the script and will make his feature directorial debut with the film. The film surrounds Murray, who portrays a troublesome neighbor who decides to mentor the 12-year old son of a single mother who has just moved in next door. According to Melfi, even though the neighbor teaches the child all there is to know about his life, from drinking and gambling to cheating and stealing, the boy’s soul is so pure that “he only extracts the good from this.”

Production on St. Vincent De Van Nuys is scheduled to begin next June.