Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rep: Justice League Rumors Are "Entirely False"

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rep: <i>Justice League</i> Rumors Are "Entirely False"

We all know by now how The Dark Knight Rises ended, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character Robin discovering the Batcave, seemingly hinting that he may fill Bruce Wayne’s shoes in the future. And though Levitt has since denied reports that he will assume the role of the caped crusader in future films, the rumor mill seems unwilling to believe him, and early reports are indicating that the actor will appear as Batman in 2015’s Justice League.

According to an anonymous source for HitFix, Gordon-Levitt will “absolutely” take on the role in the upcoming Justice League movie. This film is said to include Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and the Flash.

In light of this report, EW reached out to Levitt’s camp for a statement, upon which a representative declared the rumor to be “entirely false.”