Atoms For Peace Hide Free Download on Website

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Atoms For Peace Hide Free Download on Website

Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace recently announced their album Amok, but the news came with a special treat for more curious fans. The band hid a track on their interactive website that can be downloaded for free when found.

The hidden track, called “What the Eyeballs Did,” was originally released as a b-side on their Default single, which they released for download in September and then again on 12-inch in November. The track is hidden somewhere in the black-and-white city scape collage that longtime Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood designed.

Atoms for Peace just announced that their debut album, AMOK, will be released on Feb. 25. Be sure to check out their website to see if you can find the hidden track. Or if you want to skip the hunting process, scroll to the right and find the furtherest located clock-tower and click on it’s face, this will release your free download.

(via NME)