Aziz Ansari Revealed as Voice Behind Homeland Parody Twitter Account

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Aziz Ansari Revealed as Voice Behind <i>Homeland</i> Parody Twitter Account

After accidently Tweeting from his own personal account, Aziz Ansari has revealed himself as the man behind the Homeland parody account SergeantBrody, Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

After first appearing on Oct. 29, the SergeantBrody parody quickly became one of the most popular Homeland parodies gaining over 30,000 followers. The large number of followers could be because Ansari would often retweet posts from the parody onto his personal account, which has over 2.4 million followers. Ansari had done a good job keeping his involvement with the account a secret, that is of course until he accidently tweeted from the wrong account.

“Oh what the f—! Jess threw out all my CDs!!! Guess all the s—t is on Spotify, but still…,” Ansari tweeted on his personal account.

Realizing the mistake, Ansari quickly removed the tweet. What gave Ansari away was that the deleted Tweet mysteriously made it’s way onto the SergeantBrody account with the exact same wording.

While a representative for Ansari declined to comment to Hollywood Reporter about his involvement, it’s too much of a coincidence to think anything else.