Cloud Nothings Plan New Album for Fall

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Cloud Nothings Plan New Album for Fall

The last two years have both featured new full-lengths from Cloud Nothings, with the latest one, Attack on Memory, propelling Dylan Baldi’s band to new levels of critical and commercial success. In 2013, Baldi hopes to continue this momentum, as he is planning to release the next Cloud Nothings album in the fall.

In an interview with MTV Hive aboard the S.S. Coachella, Baldi spoke of the next album as being nearly written, just needing “to teach it to the band and flesh it out.”

Baldi also offered plenty of specifics regarding the next effort’s sound, noting that “the album is a little less melodic.”

“It’s noisier and less straightforward,” Baldi continued, “I think people will be able to handle it… There’s one track that sounds a lot like early Wire, that I really like. There’s not really words yet, I write them super last minute when I’m in the studio.”

The current plans call for Cloud Nothings to record the follow-up to Attack on Memory in April, with the release planned for the fall.