Dwight Schrute Spin-Off to Air as Office Episode

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Dwight Schrute Spin-Off to Air as <i>Office</i> Episode

For better or worse, The Farm, The Office spin-off starring Dwight isn’t happening. But for those curious as to what the show could have been, viewers will get a chance before the end of this final season of The Office.

In an interview with TVLine, Office developer Greg Daniels stated that with a few changes, the pilot would air as an episode of The Office prior to the show’s finale next year.

Daniels hinted that The Farm had two scenarios where Angela ended up with Dwight and one where she didn’t. Turns out the show will be going with the prior scenario.

The show’s pilot was written by Paul Lieberstein, who used to be The Office’s showrunner and also plays Toby.