Little Miss Sunshine Directors to Make Drama on Co-Founder of Black Panthers

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<i>Little Miss Sunshine</i> Directors to Make Drama on Co-Founder of Black Panthers

One thing is certain when a seemingly original film does well at the box office—we can expect to see at least a dozen films attempting to recreate its formula. Argo, Ben Affleck’s highly successful story based on a previously classified account from the ‘70s, appears to be the latest film to be given this kind of attention.

Deadline is reporting that Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, the directors behind the indie hit Little Miss Sunshine, are gearing up to make The Big Cigar, an adaptation of a Playboy Magazine article surrounding the true story of an effort that was made to smuggle Huey Newton—the co-founder of the Black Panthers—out of the United States and into Cuba to avoid prosecution for murder.

The source material was written by Joshuah Bearman—the same man who penned the article for Wired that inspired Argo.