No, Jonny Greenwood is Not in Brazil Awaiting the Apocalypse

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No, Jonny Greenwood is Not in Brazil Awaiting the Apocalypse

The Daily Mail recently reported that, according to a Sao Paolo newspaper, Jonny Greenwood has been hiding out in the Brazilian countryside awaiting the apocalypse on Dec. 21. The paper also claimed that the rest of Radiohead would be joining the 41-year-old guitarist before the End of Days.

Though interesting, this simply isn’t true. Yesterday, Radiohead management denied the entire story, and today Greenwood himself denied the rumors, noting that he is currently in Sydney, Australia finishing up a residency with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Here is exactly what Greenwood posted to Radiohead Dead Air Space:

“Just a few weeks left of the residency with the australian chamber orchestra – who are amazing. Hope the resulting music is worth all the trust they’ve put in me. Thanks, gut-scratchers….”

Greenwood’s appearance with the Australian Chamber Orchestra at Sydney’s The Standard on Dec. 2 seems to corroborate his story, but wouldn’t this be exactly what Greenwood would want us to think if he was indeed hiding out in South America and trying avoid publicity, as the Sao Paolo paper claims? I guess we’ll have to wait until the 21st to find out for sure.

(via Pitchfork)