Justice League Plot Rumors Hit the Web

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<i>Justice League</i> Plot Rumors Hit the Web

The Internet has been buzzing with rumors surrounding the upcoming Justice League movie following the report by Latino Review that Darkseid would be the film’s villain. Now, the same publication is reporting that the script penned by Will Beall will be based on three specific issues of the Justice League of America comic.

The issues in question were all released in 1980, and were written by Gerry Conway and drawn by George Perez. In these comics, Darkseid plans to destroy Earth and replace it with his home planet of Apokolips. Perhaps the bigger story is that these comics not only contain the Justice League of America but also the Justice Society of America from Earth-2. The two teams of superheroes work together to defeat Darkseid.

As exciting as this sounds, all of this must remain labeled as rumors, as sources have yet to confirm the validity of the claims.