Update: New Rilo Kiley Release is a Compilation Album

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Update: Pitchfork confirmed earlier today that Rilo Kiley’s forthcoming release would be the compilation mentioned below, not a new album.

Last year, Rilo Kiley announced that after going on hiatus, the group has broken up. But a recent post on the band’s Facebook page has hinted that Rilo Kiley might have something else in the works.

Around noon today, the group’s long dormant Facebook page changed their cover photo to a picture of a notebook with and a status that stated the following:

“Record is almost finished, and artwork is nearly done. Going to need your help! More to come”

The record in question could be the compilation that drummer Jason Boesel discussed in an interview with Paste in 2010:

Rilo Kiley’s working on a compilation of all the songs we never got to put on records over the years. A lot of them are some of my favorite Rilo Kiley songs, so that should actually be a pretty strong release.”

The compilation that Boesel discussed has still not been released.

Whether this is a new release from the reunited band or just a compilation of unreleased material, it’ll be great to hear Rilo Kiley once more.

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