Amazing Spider-Man No. 700 Marks Massive Change for Comic

Spoilers Lurk Below

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<i>Amazing Spider-Man</i> No. 700 Marks Massive Change for Comic

New Yorkers beware: no longer will you have the comfort of your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. At least in the form of Peter Parker. After 50 years in publication, Parker ultimately loses a battle—sort of—with Doctor Octopus in Wednesday’s Amazing Spider-Man No. 700, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

This may not be the end of Spidey just yet. As Marvel writer Dan Slott explains, Dr. Octopus takes on the life and exploits of the super hero for himself after transferring his mind into Parker’s body.

With the comic’s darkest villain now living inside of its hero’s body and attempting to do good, it seems likely that the comic strip will now take on a more brooding tone. In light of this, Marvel will remove Amazing from its title in favor of a new word: Superior Spider-Man.