Cellar Vandalism Makes Rare Brunello Wine Even Rarer

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Cellar Vandalism Makes Rare Brunello Wine Even Rarer

Gianfranco Soldera was in for a surprise when he went into his wine cellar last week. The winemaker discovered somebody had broken in, and although nothing was stolen, 62,600 liters of rare Brunello wine was emptied.

“I rushed down into the cellar and all ten barrels of Brunello from the 2007 to 2012 vintages were open and the wine had gone off down the drains,” he told the Economist.

Soldera began producing wine in the early ‘70s, eventually amassing 10,000-15,000 bottles each year. It routinely sells in Italy for over $200, but at the right age can bring a price tag of $500 in America.

While the lost wine was insured, age requirements mean no new Brunello wine can be sold for at least six years. You can read full details over at The Economist.