Federal Judge Rejects Apple's Request to Increase Lawsuit Award

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Federal Judge Rejects Apple's Request to Increase Lawsuit Award

Apple Inc.’s request for an increase in the $1.05 billion in damages it won in a recent lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. was rejected by a federal judge on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

In addition, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh denied requests from both technology companies to conduct another trial regarding different claims that Samsung used Apple technology to market “knockoff” versions of Apple products.

In August a jury awarded Apple with $1.05 billion in damages after finding that Samsung “infringed” on six Apple patents to produce 26 smartphones and tablets. There were several older Samsung products that weren’t found to have infringed on any Apple patents at all.

Apple is also appealing another decision rendered by the judge: Koh refused to block any of Samsung’s sales of products that were found to infringe upon Apple’s patents, saying that Apple failed to prove that the sales were a direct result of Apple’s technology being used to create the products.

Koh has scheduled a trial for Apple’s new lawsuit, which argues that even now, Samsung’s products continue to use Apple technology. That trial is set for 2014.

Overall, the judge upheld the jurors’ original decision in awarding Apple $1.05 billion, saying that the “trial was fairly conducted.”

However, Koh still has to consider Samsung’s request that the award they’re required to pay Apple be reduced on the grounds that many of the calculations were done incorrectly.

According to a report released Friday by International Data Corp., Samsung is still the leader in smartphone sales, with a 29 percent share of the global market. Apple is number two with 22 percent of the market.