First Cut of Evil Dead Remake Earns NC-17 Rating

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First Cut of <i>Evil Dead</i> Remake Earns NC-17 Rating

Looks as though the new Evil Dead movie ain’t playing around.

/Film reports that the Fede Alvarez-directed remake of the classic 1981 Sam Raimi gorefest was hit with an NC-17 rating by the MPAA when first submitted.

Though Alvarez has returned to the editing room to mold the film into a hard R, he expressed great pride of the initial rating via his Twitter page.

“Was proud of scoring a NC-17 when submitted!” he said. “But we had to cut stuff out to get an R and get the film into theaters.”

The Uruguayan director further confirmed that, despite the cuts, the R-version will still be an intense ride.

“The R rated will have ALL the stuff you are seeing in the trailers,” he tweeted. “Trust me, You haven’t seen a harder R rated film than ours..”

The extreme rating certainly makes for a nice tribute to the original film, which was initially released with an X-rating for its scenes of gruesome violence. The VHS was even banned in certain countries.

The film is set to have its premiere at this year’s South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. It is set for release in theaters on April 12.