Idris Elba to Make Directorial Debut With Playhouse Presents...

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Idris Elba to Make Directorial Debut With <i>Playhouse Presents...</i>

Sky Arts announced its second season of Playhouse Presents. Like last year, this season will feature talented British actors, directors and writers including Idris Elba, Matt Smith, Kylie Minogue, Vanessa Redgrave, Marc Warren and more.

Sky Arts’ Playhouse Presents is a series of stand-alone TV plays. Episodes in the first season were very well received, particularly ‘The Young Doctor’s Notebook’ starring Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe. This has led to an abundance of British talent attracted to participate in the series’ second season.

Idris Elba, Marc Warren and Matt Smith will be making their directorial debuts with the series. According to the Playhouse website, Elba and Warren will also be making their screenwriting debuts as they are writing their episodes as well.

Elba expressed his gratitude to the project. He said, “This was a tremendous opportunity that allowed me to showcase creativity that I don’t always have a chance to share with the public. I’m honored to be a part of Playhouse Presents.”

Warren felt similar sentiments stating working with Playhouse was “one of the most magical experiences” of his career. For a schedule of the season, visit SkyArt’s website.