Jack White's Blunderbuss is 2012's Best-Selling Vinyl Record

Abbey Road finally loses top spot

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Jack White's <i>Blunderbuss</i> is 2012's Best-Selling Vinyl Record

Jack White  has always shown vinyl a level of attention beyond that of most other human beings. A resume of his history with the music format could be the topic of a small book, so let’s just note that in 2010, he literally invented a new type of vinyl record. It is both fitting and deserved that his first solo album, Blunderbuss, has been announced as the best-selling vinyl album of 2012.

The Columbia Records/Third Man Records release sold 33,000 copies of the LP, a pretty staggering figure when considering the format’s recent resurgence. Blunderbuss knocks Abbey Road from the top spot after a three-year reign, recording the highest totals of any vinyl since it began being tracked in 2008.

If anything, these numbers may alter the perception of what a vinyl release is able to commercially achieve; an encouraging example of artist and fan sharing the same passion.

For the 33,000 who picked up Jack White’s Blunderbuss, we hear he’s got a few other vinyl products for sale, too.