Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shoots Down Dark Knight/Man of Steel Crossover Rumors

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shoots Down <i>Dark Knight</i>/<i>Man of Steel</i> Crossover Rumors

Spoiler Alert for The Dark Knight Rises Ahead

The concluding moments of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises saw everyman police offer John “Robin” Blake, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, discovering the Batcave and finding Bruce Wayne’s costume and equipment. The film’s final shot strongly hinted that the character would be taking on the Batman mantle in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s “death”/retirement.

With Man of Steel set to premiere this summer and rumors of a Justice League-style movie being floated around on a daily basis, several industry insiders predicted that Gordon-Levitt’s character would have a cameo in the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed Superman film.

In an interview with MTV at Sundance, however, Gordon-Levitt claims that if he is set to appear in Man of Steel, he has yet to hear about it.

“I havne’t heard that one,” he said when asked about the rumors. “It just goes to show how much you can believe rumors.”

Gordon-Levitt further stated that “If there’s something I’m going to be in, I’m going to tell you about it.” He then cited the fact that he tweeted about his casting in Sin City 2 before the official announcement.

Gordon-Levitt is currently at Sundance promoting his directorial debut Don Jon’s Addiction.