Listen to Low's "Just Make It Stop," Produced by Jeff Tweedy

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Stone-faced indie veterans Low have a new album due on March 19, titled The Invisible Way. Now the band has a second song to share from the collection, though it actually will be the release’s first single.

Titled “Just Make It Stop,” the Mimi Parker-fronted single is almost a rocker and almost a foot-tapper. But, Low is Low, and the song settles for flirtations, content with “almost:”

The track, like the rest of the album, features production work from Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, and the elasticity of the acoustic guitar’s bounce recalls his work, only cloudier and icier in a typical Low aesthetic. The marriage of the two works, and adds further intrigue to the upcoming Sub Pop offering.

Stream “Just Make It Stop” below and look for The Invisible Way in March.

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