Spider-Man Writer Confirms Sequel to Spider-Men Crossover

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<i>Spider-Man</i> Writer Confirms Sequel to <i>Spider-Men</i> Crossover

Written by longtime Ultimate Spider-Man scribe Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Sara Pichelli, 2012’s five-issue miniseries Spider-Men brought about the long-awaited crossover between the traditional Marvel universe (known as the 616 universe) and the Ultimate universe.

The Ultimate series was a move by Marvel to help bring in new readers in 2001. Disregarding the decades of continuity that had built up in their comics, the company started from scratch, taking the origin stories of their most famous creations and placing them in a contemporary context. The first up to bat was Ultimate Spider-Man, which proved to be a resounding success. The series eventually culminated with the heroic death of Peter Parker and continued onward with a 13-year old boy named Miles Morales carrying on his legacy.

The story of Spider-Men has a confounded 616-universe Peter Parker transported into the Ultimate universe, a world where his counterpart is dead and Morales has taken up his mantle.

Living up to the hype, Bendis and Pinchelli delivered a story that more than satisfied both audiences and critics alike. So, it was good news to all when Bendis confirmed today via his Twitter that there would be a sequel to the story.

No further details have been revealed, but a second crossover would certainly be a dramamtic move given the state of both heroes.

After the events of the past few issues, Peter Parker has died and his body has now been taken over by nemesis Otto Octavius, who has decided to give up his evil ways and become a true hero (though, as revealed in the first issue of Superior Spider-Man, a piece of Parker’s consciousness lives on in the Doc Ock-controlled body). Morales, meanwhile, has greatly developed as a superhero since the two’s encounter. In recent issues, he’s fought alongside The Ultimates (his universe’s version of The Avengers) and is now tackling the return of Venom in a current story arc.