Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler Rumored for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

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Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler Rumored for Marvel's <i>Guardians of the Galaxy</i>

As if having a gun-toting, anthropomorphic raccoon in the movie isn’t going to be strange enough, Latino Review reports that Marvel has been going after big name comedy actors like Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler as part of the casting process for their latest project: an adaptation of the cosmic comic series Guardians of the Galaxy.

While it’s not clear what roles Marvel would like the two actors to read for, Deadline has previously reported a list of actors currently reading for the role of Peter Quill, the half-human, half-alien who leads the group. That list includes Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell and Cam Gigandet.

The film is set to be directed by James Gunn, who also directed the dark superhero-themed comedySuper and wrote the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. The movie will reportedly help lead into Avengers 2.