Mattel to Relaunch Max Steel with New Animated Show

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According to a report by Deadline, toy company Mattel plans on relaunching their action property Max Steel for a new animated television series.

Co-produced with FreemantleMedia Enterprises, who will handle overseas rights, the show is expected to make its premiere in March on Disney XD. This reboot will be accompanied by a new line of action figures. A short live-action movie, online content, mobile games and a series of graphic novels are expected to accompany this reboot as well. The design of Max has also been adjusted to make him younger and, according to Mattel’s press release, a more “relatable role model to kids.”

Mattel first launched Max Steel back in 1999 but quickly pulled back on domestic sales following the events of September 11 and focused on more global sales. The brand became a hit in Latin America, which encouraged the company to focus on multimedia approaches.

The toy line was originally made into an animated TV series of the same name, which ran for two seasons on Kids WB and one season on Cartoon Network. There were reports of a film version in 2009 at Paramount, but the project eventually lost momentum.

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