Nvidia Introduces New Handheld Gaming System, Project Shield

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Nvidia Introduces New Handheld Gaming System, Project Shield

According to The Guardian, Nvidia introduced its new handheld gaming system called Project Shield on Sunday at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

It looks like an XBOX 360 controller with its own mini-TV screen. No more giant consoles. No more wires. Just you, a controller/console/TV hybrid and all the games you can access.

And you pretty much have access to most of them: It runs on pure Android, so in addition to the Tegra Zone library of games, you can also hit up the Google Play Store for more gaming fun. Project Shield is also able to stream games from a home Windows PC over Wi-Fi, even Steam titles.

Project Shield is powered by Nvidia’s new smartphone processor, the Tegra 4. Introduced on the same day as Project Shield, the Tegra 4 is said to be able to play HD videos for up to 24 hours.

Other features of the Project Shield system include a 5-inch 720p Retinal multi-touch display, a micro-SD slot for more storage space and Gmail and Google Play Store apps.

The device’s clam-shell design has the gaming controller attached underneath its display.The controller itself has dual control sticks, a D-pad and multiple action buttons.

The price of this gaming system has not been announced. Its release however, is reported to occur in the second quarter of 2013 for the U.S. and Canada.