Robert Rodriguez Hints at New El Mariachi Installment

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Robert Rodriguez Hints at New <i>El Mariachi</i> Installment

It’s been 20 years since Robert Rodriguez’s acclaimed directorial debut, El Mariachi, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Now the director says there may be a new El Mariachi project in the works.

To mark his anniversary as a filmmaker, the Sin City director hosted Sundance screenings of Desperado and Once Upon A Time in Mexico, the two films that, along with El Mariachi, complete Rodriguez’s Mexico Trilogy.

Though Carlos Gallardo originated the role of El Mariachi, Antonio Banderas replaced him in the second and third films, which Gallardo co-produced with Rodriguez.

Banderas will be featured in a cameo in Machete Kills, Rodriguez’s forthcoming sequel to 2010’s Machete. At the screenings of Desperado and Once Upon A Time in Mexico, the director told MTV that he and Banderas are looking to collaborate on a fourth El Mariachi movie. “We always said we would, but much later when he’s older and rounder,” Rodriguez said. “We have to figure something else out, because he’s in better shape now than he ever was.”

You can watch the full interview with Rodriguez here.