Top Secret Brad Bird-Damon Lindelof Project Now Called Tomorrowland

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Top Secret Brad Bird-Damon Lindelof Project Now Called <i>Tomorrowland</i>

The enigmatic new project from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof just received a title change. And, with it, a whole new flurry of speculation.

Once known simply as 1952, the official project name has now been changed to Tomorrowland, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This new title leads credence to the popular theory that the film is about, or related to, Walt Disney or the creation of his popular amusement parks. A major section of Disney’s Magic Kingdom amusement park in Orlando, Fla., Tomorrowland is home to such classic rides as Space Mountain.

Much as with Lindelof’s previous outing, Prometheus, the details of Tomorrowland have been shrouded in mystery. Lindelof was allegedly inspired to write the script after coming upon a banker box filled with an assortment of documents and photographs (Bird teased a clue by posting a photo of the box’s content on Twitter). Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff “Doc” Jensen was brought on to co-write the screenplay. Unfortunately for that publication, Jensen has apparently revealed nothing to his pals back at the office.

Reports that the movie would be similar in tone to Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind also led to speculation that the film would involve aliens in some capcity. Lindelof, however, took to Twitter and shot down this rumor.

The movie has a reported release date of Dec. 19, 2014.

Oh, yes, and it will (supposedly) be starring George Clooney.