Stop-Motion Comic Books by Edson Oda

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Stop-Motion Comic Books by Edson Oda

Writer and filmmaker Edson Oda is breaking ground with his experimental comic book and stop motion mashups. Oda’s short film The Writer, which tells the story of “a young cowboy who defies” the writer and filmaker, won first place in the Django Unchained Emerging Artist Contest presented by Redbull, the Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures.

His films tell their story by layering individual comic book panels on screen, while incorporating other mediums to enhance the narrative. In his short film Malaria, he combines origami, time lapse and standards of Western cinema to tell the story of a young mercenary hired to kill Death himself.

You can view both experimental short films below, along with Oda’s other work on his website.


Malaria from Edson Oda on Vimeo.

The Writer (winner of the Django Unchained Emerging Artist Contest)

Via The Creators Project