Sufjan Stevens Releases BQE Outtake "Which One Are You?"

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Sufjan Stevens Releases <i>BQE</i> Outtake "Which One Are You?"

Last year might have been huge for Sufjan Stevensholiday music, but here’s a reminder that the guy dabbles in some other tunes, too. Stevens released an outtake from 2009’s The BQE, his own exploration of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Stevens recently posted the outtake, “Which One Are You?” to his Tumblr with the following message: “Which One Are You? demo sketch from the BQE, circa 2007/2008? weird rubbish you find on old hard drives.” Stevens “could not clear melody w/ ELP publishers. The Endless Enigma of intellectual property. One person’s homage is another lawyer’s annoyance, I guess.”

Take a listen below: