Ron Howard Rumored to Direct a J.J. Abrams Production

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Ron Howard Rumored to Direct a J.J. Abrams Production

Vulture reports that director Ron Howard is now attached to direct an American-language remake of an obscure 2003 Israeli TV film. The property, which translates to All I’ve Got in English, is being developed by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production company as a Paramount feature.

This is far from the first time Israeli properties have been successfully adapted for American audiences. All I’ve Got’s writer-director Margalit Keren was also responsible for writing episodes of Be’Tipul, a show that would later be translated into the HBO series In Treatment. The Israeli TV show Hatufim, meanwhile, would find its way to America in the form of Showtime’s Homeland.

The Israeli film follows a recently deceased woman as she arrives in the afterlife. Here, she ends up being reunited with her first love, a boy who died 50 years prior in a freak car accident. Though she longs to be with him, the woman is presented with a difficult choice: became young again and lose any post-accident memories or remain old and wait for her second husband (and father of her children) to arrive and join her.