Warner Bros. Seeking to Turn Homer's Odyssey into Sci-Fi Epic

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Warner Bros. Seeking to Turn Homer's <i>Odyssey</i> into Sci-Fi Epic

Back around 2008, Warner Bros. was in talks with Brad Pitt to produce a sci-fi epic based on Homer’s equally epic poem The Odyssey. Prior to this, Pitt had starred in another Homer-based film, the 2004 Wolfgang Petersen-directed Troy.

The project ultimately fell through. Yet, according to a report by Deadline, the studio has decided to resume this unorthodox film adaptation. Apparently, much of this has to do with a pitch by screenwriter and recent NYU grad James DiLapo.

Despite his young age, DiLapo brings some major credentials to the table. He won the coveted Nicholl Fellowship in the fall for his script Devils at Play. In addition, the script made 2012’s Black List, a compilation of the best unproduced scripts in the industry.

Homer’s Odyssey has been the source of countless adaptations, including the Coen Brothers’ own Depression-era comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou?.