Watch Grizzly Bear's "gun-shy" Video

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Watch Grizzly Bear's "gun-shy" Video

Brooklyn indie rockers Grizzly Bear have released a new video for “gun-shy,” a track off their 2012 release Shields.

The video, which features images of the band members undergoing various medical tests and tissue extractions, was the product of collaboration with Australian director Kris Moyes, whose video for Sia’s 2007 song “Buttons” garnered him widespread attention when it reached 300,000 views in its first three days online.

Moyes elaborated about the concept behind the video in a post on Grizzly Bear’s Tumblr. He said, “The idea came from a question: if the creative energy of any living organism could be seen, what would it look like?”

He goes on to say, “This is an invitation for a very rare glimpse of what creative energy could look like on a molecular level, if it could be seen.”

Check out the video below.