Next Apple Product Rumored to be the iWatch

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Next Apple Product Rumored to be the iWatch

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently testing software and designs for a watch-like device that would perform similar functions of a smartphone or tablet.

The New York Times also reported that the wearable device would use Apple’s iOS operating system and utilize curved glass. Resembling classic cinematic spy gear, the iWatch would basically be an iPod-type interface that wraps around the whole wrist.

Created by Corning Glass Technologies, the bendable glass is called Willow Glass and is rumored to be a part of Apple’s product experimentation. The NYT described this recently developed technology by stating that it “can flop as easily as a piece of paper in the wind without breaking.” Corning also manufactures the glass for iPhone screens.

Similar wearable devices have become popular primarily for purposes of monitoring physical activity and other health concerns. With no official word from Apple, details about the iWatch remain unclear, but it is expected to work closely with iPhone devices.