David Bowie, Iggy Pop Get Biopic with Lust for Life

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David Bowie, Iggy Pop Get Biopic with <i>Lust for Life</i>

Weeks after David Bowie released his first single in a decade, it has been announced a biopic about Bowie’s time in West Berlin during the ‘70s with Iggy Pop is in production, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The subject of the biopic mirrors the subject matter of the song “Where Are We Now?” Bowie released only weeks ago.

During the time they lived together in Berlin, the iconic pop duo created albums including Bowie’s Low and Pop’s The Idiot and Lust for Life.

According to the report, BBC writer Robin French wrote the screenplay for Lust for Life, which is to be directed by Gabriel Range (Death of a President). British producers Altered Image and Egoli Tossell Films will coproduce.

French based the screenplay on several sources including biographies Starman: David Bowie and Open Up and Bleed: Iggy Pop.

Tossell spoke about the project saying West Berlin itself will play a central character in the film as the divided city was a hub for musicians and political activists at that time.

Tossell also said, “It is not a traditional rock biopic for no one dies at the end.”