Jack White Elected Record Store Day Ambassador

Also releases video and "wake up" call

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Jack White Elected Record Store Day Ambassador

Throughout his nearly 15 years in the music business, Jack White has made no secret of his love for the old-fashioned, pre-digital age ways of life, whether it be analog recording, vinyl or—in this case—the camaraderie and community that comes with visiting a local record store.

As part of his initiation as the 2013 Record Store Day ambassador, White—who operates his own independent record store, Third Man Records in Nashville—released a humorous three-minute video in which he gives a tour of Nashville’s vinyl pressing plant United Record Pressing. White spends much of the video discussing several conspiracy theories involving the the Masons, the NBA and the recent string of asteroids. Not that you’d catch the details anyway — the loud machinery White pasts by creates huge gaps in his ranting.

On a more serious note, White also put out a statement encouraging today’s tech-obsessed generation to “wake each other up” and start living life beyond the comfort of their computer or mobile device screens.

“Getting out of your chair at home to experience something in the real world has started to become a rare occurrence, and to a lot of people, an unnecessary one,” White begins. “Why go to a bookstore and get a real book? You can just download it. Why talk to other human beings, discuss different authors, writing styles and influences? Just click your mouse.”

White then proceeds to express his issues with this mindset.

“There’s no romance in a mouse click. There’s no beauty in sitting for hours playing video games (anyone proud of that stop reading now and post your opinion in the nearest forum). The screen of an iPhone is convenient, but it’s no comparison to a 70mm showing of a film in a gorgeous theater. The Internet is two-dimensional…helpful and entertaining, but no replacement for face-to-face interaction with a human being. But we all know all of that, right? Well, do we?”

For White, the exchange of ideas that comes with day-to-day interaction is a force that needs to be preserved and encouraged at all costs.

“The world hasn’t stopped moving. Out there, people are still talking to each other face-to-face, exchanging ideas and turning each other on. Art houses are showing films, people are drinking coffee and telling tall tales, women and men are confusing each other and record stores are selling discs full of soul that you haven’t felt yet. So why do we choose to hide in our caves and settle for replication? We know better. We should at least.”

The full statement can be read here.