Creation of Kurt Vile's Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze Art Documented in New Video

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Creation of Kurt Vile's <i>Wakin&#8217; on a Pretty Daze</i> Art Documented in New Video

Although it’s been painted on Philadelphia walls for months, Kurt Vile’s website confirmed he’s got a new album on the way through a video documenting street art installations promoting the release.

Although we still don’t know many details, we know the album’s called Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze. Vile said in the video that it’s got “epic vibes” and jokingly referred to the tracks as “prog pop.” The art was created by Philadelphia artist Steve Powers, who goes by ESPO. As Matador’s video description notes, Powers is painting the cover for Vile’s album throughout the video, and the video also includes a photoshoot, which

As of now, there’s no release date for the album, but the website notes it’s “coming soon.” For now, you can just enjoy the video below.