Michael Moore Helps Save Oscar-Nominated Documentarian from Deportation

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Michael Moore Helps Save Oscar-Nominated Documentarian from Deportation

On Tuesday, famed documentarian Michael Moore let loose a series of tweets, informing his followers that Palestinian filmmaker Emad Burnat whose film 5 Broken Cameras is nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar this year, was detained and threatened with deportation when he tried to enter America.

According to a follow-up statement printed in Deadline, Burnat said he and his family were held in U.S. immigrations at LAX for about an hour and asked for proof that he was there to go to the Oscar ceremony. Moore tweeted that Burnat produced his invitation but that the airport officials “couldn’t understand how a Palestinian could be an Oscar nominee.”

Moore says he called the Academy’s officials who then called lawyers. Soon after, Burnat and his family were released and told they could stay in L.A.

A former farmer, Burnat is the first Palestinian ever nominated for an Oscar. 5 Broken Cameras, which he co-directed with Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi, concerns tensions and protest between Palestinians in a West Bank village and the Israeli military.