Roomba-Like Robot Developed to Clean Smartphones, Tablets

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Roomba-Like Robot Developed to Clean Smartphones, Tablets

If you’d like to spend about $16.80 on a gadget that cleans your smartphone slower than you can with the edge of your sleeve, then boy, have we got a robot for you.

At 2.75-inches, Takara Tomy’s Automee-S is a mini Roomba-like robot that polishes your mobile device’s screen for you, The Verge points out.

The robot uses cleaning paper to clean your device and its electronic brain with its auto-turning abilities ensures that it won’t fall off your phone or tablet.

And according to Engadget, an Automee-S should clean an average smartphone within four minutes and a tablet in eight. It requires a single AA battery, which will last for about three hours in this robot.

The Automee-S is set for release in Japan on March 28.

You can view a video demonstration of Takara Tomy’s Automee-S below: