Social Media Smartphone App for Couples Adds Snapchat-Like Feature

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Social Media Smartphone App for Couples Adds Snapchat-Like Feature

Want to smother shower your significant other with sappy drawings, constant updates about your life and send intimate photos? There’s finally an (updated) app for that.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, app developer TenthBit released an updated version of Couple, a couples-only social media smartphone app that now includes a Snapchat-like feature, Mashable reports.

Released Wednesday, Couple’s newest feature is called “Secrets,” which allows users to send and receive photos that are only viewable “when you touch and hold them.” Like the recently released Snapchat, the photos can disappear seconds after you see them, according to TenthBit’s description on Apple’s App Store website.

Couple’s “Secrets” feature is different from Snapchat in that it does allow users to decide if they just want the photos they send to disappear soon after viewing or if they want to set a specific time limit or number of times the photo can be viewed before it is deleted.

Couple was originally released in March 2012 as a private social media app designed to help couples keep in touch throughout the day with texting and voice notes, help plan dates with shared calendars and find each other more easily by sharing locations.

Couples can also draw pictures for each other with a doodling function and “thumbkiss,” another notable feature, attempts to provide some sort of physical contact despite long distances. With thumbkiss, the app shows where your partner has touched their phone’s screen and if you touch that spot on your phone, it will vibrate.

Couple is free to download and available for iOS and Android phones. You can watch TenthBit’s promotional video for Couple below.